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A shortage of referees has had impact on our schedule and could very well continue to force schedule changes in the future. Please be sure to stay current by checking the official schedule posted on the Granite Ridge site at https://www.graniteridgeconference.org/g5-bin/client.cgi?cwellOnly=1&G5statusflag=view&schoolname=&school_id=7&G5button=13&G5genie=246&vw_schoolyear=1&vw_agl=14-2-26,14-2-44,14-2-45,14-3-26,14-3-44,14-3-45,

You can choose to be notified as soon as a change is made by signing up for the notify me option. That is the source that coaches get information from and you will get it sooner and without chance of error by using the notify me option.

High School girls are invited to participate in the upcoming service event and college tour. The Varsity team will wrap up the day with a game played on the North Central University facilities. There is no JV game that day. Participation in the day is at the discretion of parents/guardians and a signed permission slip must be returned.

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We strive to be one team representing our families, community, school and selves. We present a unified culture bringing together the efforts of girls and boys to promote our mission: Improving lifelong learning through athletics.

Our Home Field


Our home field is located at the school at 25900 4th Street W. in Zimmerman, MN. The varsity team plays on the stadium field under the lights whenever possible. The JV teams compete just behind the stadium.

Off Season


The majority of our players are multi-sport athletes and cross train through participation year round. Coaches from a variety of sports collaborate to offer summer training called SPARQ. 

Registration is available here: SPARQ 


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